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It’s my belief that God has designed us for, and wants for us, vibrant and exciting marriages. I believe that this is part of the “abundant” life that Jesus came that we might have. Yet for many this is not their experience. Their experience with marriage looks more like a war zone with both sides carrying injuries and scars. Learning to see the purpose and embrace these struggles is the first step in gaining all God wants for your marriage. Through this journey there are a number of strategies that I have learned to not only survive these challenging times, but to learn, grow and thrive through them. I have taught these strategies to hundreds of couples both individually and in group settings and would love to teach them to your community.  


I have developed a series of workshops for marriage retreats or conferences and have been delivering these in various church settings. I am available to speak on the topics of marriage and healthy relationship skills. I can supplement your agenda with one or more of the topics below or can provide a scheduled program for an entire event. The format of these workshops are interactive and engaging and encourages audience participation and feedback. Please call 609-204-6134 to for more information. 




The “Why” of Marriage:

When trying to accomplish anything that is difficult a clearly defined “why” is necessary to maintain motivation. When you know your “why” your “what” becomes much more manageable. The lie that marriage is supposed to be fun all the time with no fighting is one of the greatest barriers to marital satisfaction and growth. Understanding the purpose in the struggle helps reduce resistance and trust the process. 

Owning Your Part

Rarely do I have a couple sit with me and begin telling me individually what they are doing wrong in the relationship. The most common answer to what is causing problems in the relationship is “he is” or “she is”. Yet no real growth or change occurs until one or both of the individuals in the relationship begin to own their part and take responsibility for the breakdown in the relationship. We will explore what this looks like and how to do this, even in a situation where one spouse has committed significant offense.

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