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Welcome to One Life Counseling. Whether your marriage is struggling or you are struggling individually with life’s challenges I am here to help you recognize and work through your barriers and find new freedom. I will provide a safe space for you to experience unconditional positive regard while you gain the strength and direction to move forward. 

Jonathan douglass, LPC, LCADC



I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC) in New Jersey. Using empirically supported therapy approaches, I provide therapy and counseling, as well as consultation and coaching, to individuals, couples and families of all backgrounds.

Education & Training

I have been a licensed therapist in New Jersey since 2016. I received a Bachelor of Science in Business (BS-1999) and spent the next ten years pursuing and building a successful business. I went back to school in 2010 and completed a Masters of Professional Counseling degree. (MS-2012). I completed the educational requirements to provide clinical supervision. I am educated in EMDR and use this tool in my practice. I have significant experience using psychodrama in group therapy.


I have worked in a variety of settings and with a variety of modalities and treatments. I initially worked in a partial hospitalization day program with severely mentally ill clients. I worked for three years at the Atlantic City Rescue Mission heading up the substance abuse program. For six years prior to entering private practice, I worked as an outpatient therapist at Seabrook House leading PC, IOP and OP group therapy along with individual and family counseling. I am actively involved in my local church where I work with the youth and lead marriage workshops.

Aside from my academic and clinical training, I have over 18 years of accumulated marriage and family life experience as a husband, a father of three children. I am deeply connected to my faith and church family. I describe myself as a marriage and family therapist that specializes in addiction and trauma because these are the areas of my life where I have done the most work and experienced the most restoration. They are also the areas where I have struggled the most in my life and I love giving others some of the tools I have picked up along the journey.

My approach

My belief is that this world is a broken place and as children we all experience wounds of some sort. During these times of wounding, we develop beliefs about ourselves and our world and make decisions that continue to have a long-lasting impact throughout our adulthood playing out in negative and destructive patterns of behavior individually, and especially in relationships. For instance, many of us have experienced moments throughout our childhood where we felt powerless to control something that we desperately wanted to control or avoid something that we wanted or needed to avoid. As a result, we made an agreement with ourselves that we would never be made to feel that powerless again. This often has resulted in all kinds of patterns of avoidance. It may result in an inability to accept ourselves or others on a deep level. It often leads to severe negative patterns of behavior. My approach is to help look at these patterns of behavior and trace them back to the destructive beliefs and to help reframe in a way that leads to new freedom.

Faith-Based Counseling

I am open and adept at working with members of all faiths or no faith but am a practicing Christian and member of a local church. If faith-based counseling is something that you would like to incorporate I love to meet this challenge and believe you will comfortable as we explore these topics.

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